Life’s Nuggets for Living: The Nature of love is to seek

Life’s Nuggets for Living: The Nature of love is to seek

1Cor 13 vs. 1 – 7

Love is a Nature that when we allow ourselves to operate by its character and ways, we avoid all unnecessary heartaches that often plague us as a result of unloving behaviors that we fall into.

Think of all the evil and wars that this world has been pledged with in the past and is currently dealing with, they are the result of unloving living our lives in an unloving manner.

” Love doesn’t think or seek for its own, but the good and the best of the other”.

The Nature of love is to seek – Think about the meaning of the word ” SEEK”.

It implies an intentional search for something without considering what it will cost you.
It carries the understanding of Sacrifice – Being willing to be expendable for others in ways that requires fervent commitment. So, true love # Seeks#.

But, what does true love seek?

  • The best of / for another – Implying that true love in its very expression is in constant search of ways to be best and do best for others.

True love is constantly innovative in its expression – If I may ask, when last did you spend quality time seeking for ways to truly love people 💖?

The idea of being casual or unintentional is not a true reality of True Love .

  • Notice that it seeks what is best for the other. But, how do you know what is best for another person? Since ” No one knows what is in the heart of any person except the spirit of that person “.

It therefore, means that the Only Way you can truly love ❤️ people per what their true heart desires is by # Revelation #.

And Revelation can only come by two ways:

  • By intimacy – people revealing themselves to you by way of you having built intimate relationships with them true # Trust and # Loyalty.
  • By Divine Revelation – Which happens in the place of Heartfelt and Sincere Prayers for them.

If truly you want to seek to love people for their best interests – Then build intimacy and pray for them.

Resolve to be an amazing Helper 👏 to someone else this year. Shalom 👏

Apostle Morgan Ikonne


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