Life’s Nuggets for Living: The Love ❤️ nature is a Giving Nature.

Life’s Nuggets for Living: The Love ❤️ nature is a Giving Nature.

1 Cor 13 vs. 1 – 7.

The nature of True Love ❤️ is such that those whose lives are governed by it, ever display the heart of God for Humanity.

God’s heart is the heart of Love – ” For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son”.

The Love nature is a Giving Nature. And it gives the best to the worst among us.

It gives not on the basis of the merit of the Receiver but by the goodwill and pleasure of the Giver.

The nature of love ❤️ in its expression of Gifts – Focuses on quality and the Value of the individual Life’s as assigned to him or her by God.

So, in the gifting of True Love ❤️, You give as unto God – For you see God in the Receiver and you Honor God in his or her life.

Gifts that are Given to Honor God are truly Gifts of Love ❤️.

Such Gifts comes from the heart. Such Gifts are not just Materialistic only. They are in all forms of Giving.

What are the Gifts of True Love ❤️?

  • They are true Friendships rooted in Loyalty and commitment.
  • They are Compassionate Words Spoken to Lift up those who are down.
  • They are Materialistic Gifts given to express Joy and Goodwill towards the Receiver.
  • They are Gifts of Truthfulness or Trust Spoken to those we love that helps them become better version of themselves.
  • They are Gifts of Prayers offered on behalf of those we love even when they have offended us and hurts us, but we see their humanity and looks to Jesus for Strength as we intercede for them 🙏 even in our pain.

Resolve to be an amazing Helper 👏 to someone else this year. Shalom 👏.

Apostle Morgan Ikonne


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