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Let your Words be Seasoned with Grace!

Proverbs 12:25 King James Version (KJV)

Heaviness in the heart of man maketh it stoop: but a good word maketh it glad.

The power of words is not a stretch. It is the catalyst of emotional response and its impacts on the mental processes of an individual. Therefore, the Bible speaks about the values of choice words and the dangers surrounding one’s life with negative words.

Anxiety, which is the fear of what the future holds, especially in the light of limited resources to attend to such is real, and many people suffer from it. It stems from our inability to stay in the moment and be fully present now, meaning that we often lose the consciousness of what we need to focus on the moment by moment.

Such things as the goodness of God in our lives, His blessing, the fact we are alive and well. The need to be in control of all things triggers anxiousness because we are not wired to be controlling everything.

There are things we must make peace with that we cannot control them and accept the grace of God to deal with them as they present. So, anxiety is NOT SIN, and those who suffer from it should not be considered weak. Anxiety is a state of mind and emotional reaction to life overwhelming circumstances in the light of perceived inability to handle such per not having seemly the resources needed.

So, the Bible says, Jesus, speaking that it begins in how we think about life and how we perceive ourselves in the light of life challenges. Take no thought about what you should eat, wear, Jesus said. Implying that we should watch how we think about these things. For your heavenly Father knows what you have need. So instead of becoming anxious, we should express our faith and confidence in our Father’s ability to care and provide for us. Thus, the antidote for anxiety disorder is:

  1. Keeping a balance and healthy thought patterns that are based on truth – the Bible.
  2. Allowing ourselves to develop perceptions of life that are real and positive. Meaning that we don’t live in denial of what our fears maybe, but we bring them to God in prayers as we take necessary and healthy steps of faith to address them.
  3. Avoid wanting to be in control of everything because that is suicidal in nature, for we are not wired to control everything and determine the outcome.
  4. Learn to live naturally and be in the moment. Make most of it and learn to enjoy it by finding something worth celebrating in each moment of your life
  5. Surrounding yourself with those whose words are healing balms. Meaning that your fears will disappear when people of goodwill are in your life because they help you develop a perspective that is real and wholesome.

I ask you today, choose to be a healer instead of a pain to people. Don’t be a bearer of negative words but be a healing balm. Let your words uplift, not destroy others. You are blessed and highly favored.


Apostle Morgan